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There is no meeting in December

 - NJLHS Constitution & By-Laws
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 - All past issues of the "Beam"
      From volume 1 till Sept 1019 (Dec 2019 Coming)
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 - Previous general meeting Minutes
       From March 1994 to Dec. 2019
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 - Pictures from luncheon meetings at Mastoris and
        Group pictures at Absecon
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 - Trip photos from past years
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 - Upcoming Events
         We do need to have the:
                - election of officers
                - approval of Dec 2019 minutes
                - approval of the 2020 budget
                    (already board approved)
                - approval of Treasure's reports from Dec 2019
                    thru Sept 2020

 - The 2020 Nominating Committee's slate for
         a two-year term From 2021 through 2022:

        - Carol Winkie               President
        - Kathleen Eustace       1st Vice President
        - Robert Rodgers          2nd Vice President
        - Faith Giamboi 
        - No nominee                 Recording Secretary
        - Loretta Wilkins            Director
        - Donna Bishop              Director

 - A request from the nominating committee:

On behalf of the New Jersey Lighthouse Society and the Nominating Committee, the Society is requesting a member consider accepting a nomination for Recording Secretary with a two year term covering the years 2021 through 2022.  Due to the unfortunate passing of Hugh Murphy, Jr., we regrettably have to fill the position of Recording Secretary.


The Recording Secretary responsibilities include attending the quarterly general membership meetings and four Board meetings a year, normally held on Saturdays. The individual will take and type minutes of the general matters and proposals under discussion at meetings, provide copies of the minutes for distribution, and finalize formal minutes with amendments for the Society’s records.


If you have any interest or questions regarding this position, please email your comments to


Thank you for your consideration. Your future involvement with the Society would be sincerely appreciated.


Donna & John Bishop

Nomination Committee

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