Contest closed to new entries
Voting starts August 1


By Kathleen T. Eustace – Photo Contest Chairperson

1. The contest will be an online only contest

2. There will be one category: New Jersey and all other lighthouses

3. Photo submissions will be accepted from 7/1-22/2022.  Voting will be from 8/1- 12/2022.

4. You must complete an entry form, which is on the NJLHS webpage & submit (1) form with each photo.

       NOTE: Update to Rule #4: Due to the fact that this year’s Photo Contest will be held online,
                        the entry form will be your email. 

5. Single Members may enter 2 photos.

6. Family Members may submit a total of 4 photos.

7. You must properly identify & spell the name and location of the lighthouse

 8. You
 must identify the photographer by name


9. You must be a current member in good standing with your 2022 dues paid.

10. Photos may be in landscape OR portrait orientation.


11.   If you were a winner in the 2022 Calendar Photo Contest, you may only submit 1 photo. 

12.    No extras inserted into the photographs & no use of Photoshop, Lightroom or any other editing program. 

14.    Submit photos and/or vote via email submitted to the Contest Manager, Kathleen T. Eustace at: PhotoContestChair@NJLHS.org.

15.    During the time for voting, send an email to the Contest Manager at the email address in #14 above. 

16.     You may vote for 3 different photos. 

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