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Sandy Hook 250th Anniversary
June 11 1764 - June 11 2014

Sandy Hook Souvenir Covers postmarked at the 250th Anniversary are available.
(Stamps will vary)
Covers are $1.00 each. Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelop to:
New Jersey Lighthouse Society
c/o James Cope
70 Limewood Drive
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690-2251

A few pictures taken at the celebration
Photos by Michele-Turick Hand

Special Cancellation for 250th Anniversary of Sandy Hook 

Any member interested in the Special Cancellation should enclose self-addressed stamped envelopes
 in another envelope, request special Sandy Hook Cancellation and send to:

Sandy Hook Station

170 Bay Avenue

Highlands, NJ 07732-9998

Cancelled envelope will be mailed to you or sent in another envelope if you include it.

Link to National Park Sandy Hook web page:

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