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The NJLHS is a non-profit, tax exempt (501c3), educational corporation dedicated to the history and preservation of lighthouses everywhere, but particularly in the New Jersey region, including Delaware Bay and New York Harbor.

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History of NJLHS

The New Jersey Lighthouse Society was formed in 1989 as a state chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society. Founder Jack Granger, with the help of Jim Gowdy and Kim Ruth, surveyed over 150 New Jersey members of the USLHS to gauge interest in beginning a state chapter. About 40 people responded to the survey and 18 people attended our first meeting, at the Atlantic County Library in June, 1990. From this meeting the United States Lighthouse Society - New Jersey Chapter was formed. In 1994, the Chapter became The New Jersey Lighthouse Society, Inc.. Its membership has grown to about 500 members

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Goals of NJLHS

  • To assist in the restoration and preservation of America's Lighthouses.
  • To research the history of lighthouses and other related aids to navigation.
  • To collect and preserve artifacts and lore.
  • The New Jersey Lighthouse Society focuses on the lighthouses and lightships of New Jersey and neighboring areas, including New York Harbor and Delaware Bay.

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NJLHS Activities

  • Quarterly Meetings - The New Jersey Lighthouse Society meets four times a year, usually March, June, September and December. Meetings are held at various locations throughout New Jersey and neighboring states and often include visits to lighthouses and other facilities, guest speakers, presentations by members, travel information and time for sharing.
  • Newsletter, "The Beam" - The official journal of the society is published four times a year. Contents include articles on local lighthouses and lighthouses elsewhere, news of past and future society meetings, activities of members, notices of new publications, and other articles of general interest, including related aids to navigation.
    • Articles of general interest, press releases, and other informational items can be submitted to
    • "The Beam" does not accept advertising.
  • Archives - The NJLHS has begun an archive. Two of the goals of the society are to develop and maintain historical and archival documents related to lighthouses in the New Jersey area and to serve as an information source and contact point for others interested in lighthouses and other related aids to navigation.

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Financial Support

         The society is supported by dues, which cover operating expenses, newsletter production and mailings. Dues are for the calendar year and are $20.00 for single membership and $25.00 for family.

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Web support

  • Technical issues can be emailed to: 
  • Content issues should be addressed to the corresponding group

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