Chapel Hill Lighthouse - Chapel Hill, NJ
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For a long time known at High Point, both the town and the lighthouse take their names from a little Baptist Church erected there in 1809.

Chapel Hill Lighthouse (latitude 40 23' 51" by longitude 74 3' 33")( Map) was erected in 1856, and was an rear range light. It worked with the Conover Beacon on the shore of Sandy Hook Bay at Leonardo. Together, the lights marked the Main Channel Range into Sandy Hook Bay.

The Chapel Hill Lighthouse was built by Richard Carlow, Jr., upon a three acre tract once owned by Timothy Mount, and purchased by the government in 1853 for the purpose of constructing a lighthouse thereupon. Its 40 foot tower was erected on the roof line of a severe one & a half story dwelling. The lighthouse was constructed on a mountain at an elevation 224 feet above sea level. It showed a second order fixed white light which was visible from a distance of twenty one nautical miles. The lighthouse was electrified in 1924.

The lighthouse was used until 1957, when an automatic tower on the edge of the site was placed into service and the light in the lighthouse discontinued. The lighthouse was sold at auction by the General Services Administration. Bids were ordered to be received in New York by 2:00 p.m. November 30, 1959. The buyer was Thomas Consorti, a Manhattan businessman, who purchased the property as a Christmas present for his 20 year old son, Peter, an amateur astronomer who hoped to establish an observatory on the site. The property sale brought the government $16,313.00. The lighthouse has passed through a number the hands of a number of owners, but remains a private residence.

This light was the rear range light that worked in conjunction with the Conover Beacon.

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