Egg Island Point Lighthouse - Mouth of Maurice River

Photo from Coast Guard Historians Office

Photo taken in 1946

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Built in 1838 at the northwestern end of the Maurice River Cove at 39 10' 44" latitude by 75 08' 13" longitude. An 1838 inspection report describes the lighthouse as a "Light on keeper's dwelling; burns ten lamps with parabolic reflectors. The lamps badly constructed; house negligently built, and materials bad; several panes of glass in the lantern broken; the walls beginning to crack." This for a lighthouse that was barely a year old.

The lighthouse was built on an island and reachable only by boat. The lighthouse had a revolving kerosene light and clockwork that was wound with a crank. The interior of the lighthouse had a hard wood finish and a large fireplace. There was a cove and a little creek ran from the cove. Supplies came into the creek in a long-boat. A small crane with a wheel wound the supplies into the dock. The light was believed automated around 1935.

The Egg Island Lighthouse was destroyed by fire on August 20, 1950. The fire was allegedly begun by two fishermen who had entered the abandoned lighthouse and started a fire to dry their clothes.

Light Characteristics


Two of the early keepers were Mr.Yates and Daniel Bailey.
 Mr. Yates was a typical waterman with his 'round the face whiskers.

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