Ludlum Beach Lighthouse - Sea Isle City, NJ

Circa 1911

Circa 1907

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A lighthouse was erected on Ludlum Beach in 1885, 20 nautical miles SW of the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City at 39 09' 42" latitude by 74 41' 05" longitude. The lantern had an elevation of 36 feet above sea level, with a white fourth-order light.

The light flashed once every 15 seconds and was visible about 11 1/4 nautical miles.

One of the keepers was Joshua H. Reeves, who was transferred to Ludlum from Barnegat Lighthouse on October 2, 1885. It is believed he was the lights' first keeper. He served the Ludlum Beach Lighthouse until his retirement on August 6, 1946. It is very likely that he was the only keeper.

In 1923, after a fire in the lighthouse probably caused by a keeper's pet knocking over a kerosene lamp, the lighthouse was replaced by an automatic steel tower. Keeper Reeves job title was changed to "Lamplighter" at this time. The lighthouse was sold and moved to the corner of 31st Street and the beach. Sometime in the 1940's it was again moved to 3414 Landis Avenue, Sea Isle City. It is a private residence today.

The steel tower was designed on nautical charts as "Fl 6sec. 45ft. 12m.", which indicates a 45 foot tower with a light that flashes every 6 seconds and is visible for 12 miles. The tower was electrified and had two bulbs, both with red sectors; the second bulb swinging into place when the first bulb burned out.

Due to failure to relocate the lighthouse, on September 21, 2010. the lighthouse was torn down

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