Rear Range
Lighthouse Society
at Paulsboro, Inc.

P.O. Box 176
Paulsboro, NJ 08066

Objectives of the Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse Society

  • Researching and interpreting the history of the lighthouse.
  • Dedication to the restoration and preservation of the structure.
  • Raising public awareness and education about lighthouses everywhere.
  • Creation of a consistent tour schedule, using volunteers, to allow year round public access to the lighthouse.

Future Plans of the Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse Society

  • The Society publishes a newsletter, the purpose of which is to keep all members informed of any upcoming events. It would also allow the Society to report the progress of any lighthouse projects to its members.
  • To fund Society activities through membership dues and campaigns. Dues will be collected annually and used to help cover operating expenses.
  • To establish a collection of artifacts as well as information pertaining to the lighthouse in order to create a historical archive.
  • The establishment of the Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse as a historical attraction, as well as making the structure a stop along the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail.