Upper Middle Lightship - Delaware Bay


    From 1823-1875, a lightship was placed to mark the submerged ridge known as Cross Ledge. Also known as the Upper Middle Ground Lightship or the Cross Ledge Lightship, in its early years it was referred to simply as "Light boat #2." Two lightships have been in service at the station which was located at 39 08.8' north latitude by 75 14.2 west longitude. The first lightship, known as Light Vessel X was at the station from 1823-1845.

    The vessel was built by Henry Eckford in New York. It was a wooden hulled vessel 72' long with a beam of 20' and of 120 tons. Its hull was painted straw color. LV 19 served on the station from 1845-1875. She was also built by Henry Eckford. Some historians believe LV 19 was the same vessel as Lightship X and that after some rebuilding work in 1845 Lightship X was redesignated LV 19. LV 19 was described in 1845 as 85' long with a beam of 25' and a draft of 9'.

   The completion of the Cross Ledge Lighthouse ended the need for the lightship there and the lightship was transferred to Fourteen Foot Bank where she served from 1876-1886. She was later transferred to Ram Island Reef (Conn.). She ended her career as a relief light vessel and served until she was disposed of around 1904.

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